Lise Wulff







Born in Oslo, Norway in 1970, Lise Wulff studied at Det Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt, graduating in 2004. Wulff is involved in several art installations for public space, environmental and human rights projects. She is an active supporter of the UN-led Safe Planet initiative, a member of NBK, the professional organisation for visual artists in Norway, leader of BKiB, the organisation for professional artists in Bærum, and founder of the environmental art project The Scream from Nature, which aims to bring greater awareness to the relationship between people and nature. Recent exhibitions include a site-specific installation at Museum Berger, Fosskleiva, Norway, Izložba 34. i 35. at Treci Beograd, Belgrade, Serbia, City Rooms, a site/time-specific installation at Bærum Kunstforening, Sandvika, Norway, Lost Garden at Henie Onstad Art Centre, Høvikodden, Norway, and Beneath at Califia Gallery, Horazdovice, Czech Republic.

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Credit photo: Lise Wulff

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